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​Coastal Strategies and Investments provides real estate brokerage and marketing consulting services for LAND in Florida. We listen to and advise each individual client to establish their financial, operational and investment objectives, and work with them to develop a strategy that achieves these objectives. 

Our services fall into one of three categories:
  • Acting as the Sellers Broker to Market and Manage the Sale of the Client's Real Estate
  • Acting as the Buyers Broker to Research and Manage the Site Selection and Purchase of Real Estate per our Client's Objectives and Specifications.
  • Providing Consulting Services Regarding Real Estate Marketing. 

We specialize in providing professional real estate brokerage and consulting services for developers, home builders, corporate site selectors, and investors, foreign and domestic, seeking properties in Florida, including:
  • Land for Development
  • Land Site Selection for Corporations
  • Land and Manufacturing/Warehouse/Office Facilities (including assistance with Free Trade Zone status)
  • Land for Recreation
  • Investment Properties 

We consult with our clients to provide the comprehensive picture of the real estate opportunities. The strategies typically include:
  • Financial considerations, including the advantages of Free Trade Zone
  • Zoning and rezoning
  • Permitting
  • Lease vs. purchase 
  • Green belt advantages (low tax rates with agriculture zoning) 
  • Public image
  • Brown field opportunities (reuse of built facilities), and many more.
  • Exit Strategies, and more.

Moreover, our comprehensive analysis of the transaction may also take into consideration the non-real estate factors that may nevertheless be key in property selection. Our client consultations advise clients of these issues, and when appropriate we can introduce our clients to the officials who can be of assistance on:
  • Economic Development Programs; offered by federal, state and county governments
  • Transportation infrastructure and logistics; of optional sites; railway, seaport, airport, interstate highway, etc.
  • Engineering/architectural design and construction
  • Legal issues
  • Demographics; purchasing potential of the region, state and US
  • Industry specific statistics (via SIC and NAICS codes)
  • ​Lifestyle considerations; such as schools, entertainment, shopping, etc. 

​We take our clients through the entire process, and provide personal introductions to the key people, outside of real estate, who can complete the package, including economic development officials, port and airport officials, as well as other professionals our clients require; engineers, architects, construction companies, attorneys, financial consultants, and bankers, etc. 

Clients who deal with shipping products in and/or out of the country also often deal with the tax advantages of Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) properties. We assist with the somewhat unique advantages of FTZ authorized properties in Hillsborough and Polk Counties, as well as those properties in Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee and Sarasota counties.

Non-US citizens also enjoy residency rights of EB-5 Visa properties; and/or large land tracts for investment, development and recreation. Some of the most desirable properties that qualify for this US program are located right here in Central Florida.

Florida is ranked as the leading state in the US for Foreign Direct Investment for numerous reasons and benefits. Some of the leading investor countries have included Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, and more recently those from Latin America. We welcome further Foreign Direct Investment clients from these countries, where we have traveled and worked extensively as well. 


Coastal Strategies & Investments is a Licensed Florida Real Estate Brokerage firm, owned by Coastal Strategies, Inc., a Florida corporation, ( 

About Coastal Strategies & InvestmentsA Land Brokerage Firm
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